About Us

Miniatures and Monkey Business! That’s what we are all about, plain and simple. Our passion is in miniatures, miniature painting, scale modelling, terrain building, tabletop gaming, role-playing, and board gaming (especially those that contain miniatures). Whether it’s in the fantasy side, sci-fi or realistic we are an all go for it.

We are based in Somerset West, South Africa, but do travel the world extensively, whether by plane or imagination we go everywhere. Our services are covered worldwide as this hobby really has no boundaries – Miniatures without borders!

Our Aim!

Originating in the very most tip of Africa, we are sometimes forgotten by the world, but Monkeymeeks Studio wants to change this. We want to work with all the hobbyists, nerdy-store owners, other artists or just the regular geek to help promote this wonderful, whimsical world of miniature painting and hobby-ing, whatever your flavour.

We have a wide array of services to grow this community such as working with schools in the area to either promote the hobby or play board games, teaching the hobby or getting the demotivated hobbyist MOTIVATED! Our passion for this hobby shows in our work whether it’s just assembly of models or a full display piece commission we will always try to put in 150% into our work.

We hope that all artists, nerds, geeks, normal person, or unicorn will join us in our journey, so pack your brushes and imagination and meet us on the road.

Creature Creators Partnership Programme

We are very excited to announce we have been accepted into the Creature Caster Partner Programme, this means we are now called Creature Creators.

Creature Caster is dedicated to the growth of this amazing hobby and believes in supporting those who go out of their way to provide their knowledge to the community. To further this goal of assisting in the production of great content, we are introducing the Creature Creators partnership program.”

So stay tuned as more content will be on its way shortly!

MINI Fantasy

MINI Fantasy and Monkeymeeks Studios have joined together to form the ultimate team to make your role-playing characters come to life! Order your minis through MINI Fantasy and have us paint if for you in any one of our tiers. See their website for the wide variety of miniatures.

Right the Monkey Business…

Before we forget, keep an eye out on our Monkey Business tab… see what mischief the monkeys in the studio get up to!