Monthly Painting Challenge

Evangelos Varvarezis

So what is this all about? Well, it all started when I, Monkeymeeks, felt super demotivated to paint any of my models, I really felt down and low about picking up a paintbrush even.

So, I searched on the inter-webs for any solution to getting out of this rut, and came across a forum that had a challenge each month for a specific game set. This gave me the idea to start a Facebook page where any artist in this hobby can go to and rely on the community to help push them through the painters-block.

Charles Salmon

The whole idea is that a challenge is opened every month where you as the hobbyist can set your own target you would like to achieve in the month. You set the target because only you know how busy you are or aren’t. We do encourage you to push your limits a bit, because the reward of satisfaction at the end of the month is so much sweeter.

A picture of your target before you start is needed and a small description of what you want to achieve in a months time. Weekly we ask for work in progresses (WIPs) of your target to keep you going and to see how the other challengers are faring as well.

Mark Crox Crocker

Also, there are plenty of knowledgeable hobbyists on the group already who can help you in any situation and give expert advice if you find yourself stuck with a project.

At the end of the month, the challenge closes. You need to post a new photo of your finished target by the end of the challenge that month, if you achieved your target/s then you get a point which allows you to have a quirky title added to your name. Example Mieke First of the Clean Brushes. You only achieve one point per month no matter the number of targets you set yourself, but all the targets have to be completed to receive your point.

Christopher Brunsdon

The challenge has no cut off date to enter your target, it could even be the very last day before the challenge ends, as long as you can finish your target in a day. Type of targets do not matter either, can be anything, from attempting to paint 2 eyes in a month or painting over 60 models (this has been done, in about 2 weeks only, by one of our best participants of the challenge).

So if you feel you need some help to get painting then join us on the Facebook page and start painting/hobby-ing with us. Click on the image below to take you directly to the page.

See you there!