We offer a range of services for a range of personalities, not everyone enjoys the same thing in this hobby, or maybe lack the skills to achieve their vision. That’s why we are here to help where we can and with what we can. We have a wide knowledge of this hobby as we are not just one person, we use other artists, hobbyists, gamers and experienced thinkers to maximise our gene pool to become the ultimate hobby entity.

Our services are not limited to the what is below, if you have anything you have in mind please do not hesitate to contact us, we are sure we will be able to help you with what ever your imagination desires.

What we offer…

  • Assembly of Models Only:
    • Tier 1/ Tier 2/ Tier 3 and Upgrade 1
  • Painting of models:
    • Tabletop Standard (TT) Tier/ Upgrade TT 1/ Upgrade TT 2/ Tabletop Standard PLUS (TT+) Tier/ Upgrade TT+/ Display Standard Tier and Upgrade 1
  • Base/Terrain/Diorama Building:
    • Tier 1/ Tier 2/ Upgrade Tier 2/ Tier 3 and Tier 4
  • Miniature Display Photography
  • Reviews and Unboxings

See what each Tier and Upgrade entails below.


Assembly of Models Only: 

Some don’t like the idea of having to paint or assemble their models before playing a game, or just do not have the nimble fingers to glue finicky small parts together. That’s where we come in, this offer has 3 tiers.

Tier 1: Only assembly. We cut the bits off the sprue, clean the major sprue connector bits and assemble and glue the model.

Tier 2: Clean and assembly. As Tier 1 but include cleaning of the mould lines, assemble and glue the model.

Tier 3: Clean, assemble and gap filling. As both Tier 1 and 2, but include gap filling and minor conversions. Example if you would prefer a different weapon on the model. All extra conversion pieces need to be supplied.

Upgrade 1: Magnetization of parts of the model you would like to be magnetized. Available in all Tiers. We supply the magnets as well.


Painting of Models:

For those of you who don’t want to assemble nor paint your models, we offer you this service. We have 3 tiers to our paint jobs, each tier has it’s own restrictions, except for Display Standard Tier where we try and offer the full monty. All tiers below add assembly of models for free.

Tabletop Standard (TT) Tier: This is our simplest of paint jobs we offer on a model, such as block colours and use washes and minimal highlights added. No advanced painting techniques used (non-metallic metal (nmm), object source lighting (osl), etc), no free-hands only decals if needed. Bases are kept plain and simple such as adding a sandy/gravel texture and a few rocks.
Upgrade TT 1: Add extra flora and fauna to bases.
Upgrade TT 2: Add simple free-hands.

Tabletop Standard PLUS (TT+) Tier: This is a slightly more advanced paint job than the TT Tier, washes are more controlled and layered, especially on metallic paints to give better depth. More time given to highlights. Certain advanced techniques will be used such as osl but still no nmm techniques. No free-hands only decals if needed. Bases include flora and fauna.
Upgrade TT+: Add free-hands.

Display Standard Tier: This is the highest paint job to a model we offer, we pull out all the stops to get your model to the best display piece it can be or as you want it to be. We use all the advanced techniques that are available to create the best effects. The bases will have all the bells and whistles.

Upgrade 1: Magnetization of parts of the model you would like to be magnetized. Available in all Tiers. We supply the magnets as well.


Base/Terrain/Diorama Building:

Sometimes there are no models involved, just terrain or bases that need sprucing up. We have 4 different tiers here for you to choose from. Choose wisely, or don’t you can always give it back later to add another Tier to the previous job.

Tier 1: Assembly and glueing of tabletop gaming terrain/scenery only.

Tier 2: As Tier 1 but a basic paint job added for tabletop gaming terrain/scenery. Bases for models will have a gravel/sandy texture added with a few rocks, no vegetation.
Upgrade Tier 2: Blood bowl bases can have grass but no lines or blood effects.

Tier 3: Tabletop Standard paint job included on gaming terrain/scenery. Bases of models have added flora and fauna and Blood bowl bases will have lines and blood effects added if wanted.

Tier 4: Tabletop gaming terrain/scenery is painted to a high display standard, with battle damage effects added if wanted. Bases of models will have all the bells and whistles added. Diorama builds are also available on request.


Miniature Display Photography:

You have done a fantastic job painting your models, but can’t seem to capture them just perfect on your phone camera. Well we offer a “model” shoot for your models. We will make your awesome paint job look awesome as it should be on photo.

Contact us for a quote, we offer specials on team photos, single display model, and armies.

This service is only available in the Western Cape, South Africa at the moment.


Reviews and Unboxings:

If there is anything you would like us to do a review or unboxing on, please contact us and lets talk.


Contact us for all prices on all Tiers and Upgrades and other Services, we offer our services worldwide, or if you have any queries, we are here to help you where we can. Hope to hear from you soon.

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