Show and Tell – John Drama Paints

Good day, and welcome to another Show and Tell Tuesday. This is a day where we recommend to you an artist that you should give a follow on their platforms. This hobby has many talented people and Monkeymeeks Studios hopes to make you aware of all of them.

So this week we have an artist from the Netherlands, John Drama and his platforms are called John Drama Paints. He has many years of experience in this hobby and has loads to offer as he has a Patreon sight where he shares his secret ways of the brush. We especially like the black armour John is able to pull off on his artwork.

So please give John Drama Paints a follow and if you are able, support him on Patreon, we are sure you will be able to learn a lot from him. Give a follow, support the artist. Have a good day.

Instagram account HERE
Patreon account HERE